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Are you motivated enough to perform at your athletic best?

Posted by admin on  November 24, 2014

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Athletes are motivated by many reasons. We see athletes competing to win gold medals, to achieve number 1 world rankings, or to win the local basketball tournament. When a new sports season begins, athletes see themselves achieving their goals. They cannot wait to hold the trophy and receive congratulatory comments from a lot of people. But, is imagining holding a trophy, also called an extrinsic motivation, enough to motivate an athlete? It is clear that

A Shortcut to Success

Posted by admin on  November 6, 2014

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– Embrace your true passion; – Commit to putting in hard and consistent work; – Be your own boss and take responsibility of your own actions; – Be realistic; – Learn from all your experiences. Maybe you thought that you were going to read the hidden secret on how to reach success by taking shortcuts. The truth is the above mentioned steps are the shortcuts to success. Whether you want to improve your tennis serves,

Young Athletes: The challenge of balancing sports and academics

Posted by admin on  October 27, 2014

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Student athletes face both wonderful and challenging times. Not only do they work very hard to meet high level academic requirements, they also devote long hours to sport training and competition. Most young children start playing sports for fun—running behind a soccer ball, hitting a baseball down the line, or seeing a golf ball flying through the air. However, once young athletes start participating in varsity or club teams, a shift takes place and frequently,

Football Players – Hyperarousal

Posted by admin on  October 5, 2014

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Strategies to help football players find ways to contain hyper-arousal on and off the field! Football is one of the biggest American pastimes! It is a physical and aggressive game. Players wear helmets and all kinds of pads and are still bound to get broken bones, dislocated shoulders and concussions. Despite the fact that the chances of going pro are slim to nil, a truly dedicated football player is not deterred by the aggressive nature

Are you looking for a performance edge?

Posted by admin on  September 28, 2014

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Imagine walking onto a tennis court. Your opponent takes his position as you prepared to serve. As you are tossing the ball in the air, you also throw a cautionary look at your opponent that communicates, “I am in charge here!” “I got the edge!” If you are like most athletes, you are probably saying to yourself, yes, I can imagine myself in this situation. You are also probably thinking how great it would be

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