Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy

Dr. Diaz serves individual clients who come in search of understanding as well as learning coping strategies and gaining insight to address life stressors that interfere with enjoying life to its fullest. In his professional experience, an abrupt upsetting episode or recurrent life stressors can emotionally affect our well-being. These episodes can be resolved.

Dr. Diaz has been trained in several therapeutic techniques as he believes that no one approach fits all. He practices a combination of cognitive, family dynamics, and mindfulness approaches.  His holistic training provides multiple benefits for a wider array of challenges:

  • Anxiety or panic episodes affecting daily life and/or work situations;
  • Depression
  • Hyperactivity
  • Mood changes
  • Disruptive behaviors, such as: sleep, distractability, procrastination, or even physical symptoms.

Life is full of challenges and stress is inevitable. How we deal with stress makes a huge difference between having disruptive symptoms or learning how to cope and build greater resilience.

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