About Dr. Diaz

“A winning mental attitude is felt when we bring together a positive mind-set and a sense of present moment awareness.”©- Alex Diaz, PhD

Alex Diaz, Ph.D.

Dr. Alex Diaz is a licensed psychotherapist and certified Peak Performance Coach, who relies on his 20-year professional experience helping individuals to use coping strategies to manage stress. Diaz’s understanding of stress, its leading triggers, and treatment approaches are based on his professional practice and doctoral studies in Clinical and Somatic Psychology. This field embraces a holistic Western and Eastern approach, which brings together the mind and body working together to help us shape our desired behavioral patterns. Dr. Diaz’s ultimate goal is to provide holistic strategies aimed at empowering the individual’s well-being.

Dr. Diaz is also a certified DISC PeopleSmart Interpretation Method™ practitioner, a behavioral assessment tool used for the purpose of not only understanding, but also learning practical coping strategies to lessen stress due to differences in people’s behavioral styles.

Dr. Diaz conducts workshops in sport psychology and stress management, is a researcher in the field of mental toughness, and serves on the Board of Directors of USABP, a national organizational hub for all somatic-based practices, and is an avid athlete. Dr. Diaz works with school, collegiate, professional and recreational athletes in his private office in Tuckahoe, New York or via Skype with long distance and international clients.

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