Dr. Alex Diaz Consulting services are designed to develop a confident path by addressing challenges commonly found throughout our life experiences. Whether you are seeking mental skills to achieve peak performance as an athlete, looking for coping skills to navigate the path to succeed in academics, developing skills to navigate inter-personal business interactions, or wanting to address the stressors in your life, a personalized guidance will provide you with mental tools to achieve your goals.

Dr. Diaz is a licensed psychotherapist and a doctor in clinical and somatic psychology, trained in developing valued inner skills that will guide individuals to succeed in life.   He holds certifications in sports peak performance, behavioral style profiles, individual and family systems, and father of two highly academically accomplished children attending top universities

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    Sports Mental Edge

    Dr. Diaz provides sports mental skill strategies for the purpose of managing competitive pressure situations and prepare athletes to achieve their desired peak performance.

    Coaching for Academic Success

    Dr. Diaz provides mental strategies that shape the individual into a confident and motivated student seeking to achieve his/her academic and life goals.

    Organizational Consulting

    Dr. Diaz uses effective coping strategies for the purpose of not only embracing one’s behavioral style, but more importantly, understanding other’s behavioral styles for the purpose of enhancing mutual understanding, cooperation, and managing stress.


    Dr. Diaz assists individuals to unearth their personal and emotional barriers in order to rediscover their innate abilities to deal with life challenges by using proven cognitive and mindfulness approaches.

    Mother, Greenwich, CT
    Dr. Alex Diaz's sport psychology strategies helped my daughter improve her ice hockey game performance. She plays more confidently and is better able to manage competitive pressures.  She loved working with Dr. Diaz and felt comfortable sharing her challenges and mental obstacles. It was undoubtedly a "game changer"
    Bryan PattersonDirector of Squash CitySquash
    Alex’s Sports Psychology lecture to our CitySquash students was very informative, interactive,and fun. It left the students with an understanding of what is needed to become a better player and how to deal with the intensity of the moment and the game. I would wholeheartedly recommend Alex to anyone who is extremely interested in improving the mental side to Squash and other sports.
    Mike CallawayLifetime Fitness Squash Manager ’02 – ’04 US World Junior Team Coach
    I have worked with Alex for the last 2 years and he has helped me personally develop as a coach and also has helped me with the players in work with. You can always tell someone who is working with Alex as the player will be more focused on court and able to deal with the stresses on and off the court that players have to deal with. I cannot thank him enough for how he assists my players.
    Robert TScratch Golfer Eastchester, NY
    Dr. Diaz has helped me change the way I approach life through golf. I have learned how important it is to have a plan in life but with no expectations. I am more aware of where negative thoughts are coming from and am able to push through and focus on the present. My golf game has improved dramatically and so has my life as a whole.
    Row New York Staff and Coaches
    “The Row New York staff extends a big thank you to Sport Psychologist Alex Diaz from Sports Mental Edge for sharing his strategies for athletes to grow a greater sense of awareness – which helps manage emotions and establishes a mental plan to achieve one’s fullest potential. Thank you Alex for providing our coaches and staff with tangible strategies (mental imagery, breathing techniques, & dismantling negative thoughts) to build our athletes’ focus, performance, and confidence!!”
    KarenNorth Salen, New York
    “I just wanted to thank Dr. Alex Diaz for helping my daughter learn mental strategies that helped her win her class at a horse show. She rode well and was able to use the tools she received in just a few sessions. Thank you so much for your help. ”

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