Always Bring your Best Game!

smallagame * “Why do I get jittery before a game?”
* “When I don’t perform the way I know I can, I get frustrated and angry!”
* “My coach is great at helping me sharpen my technique, but what I really need is someone who will assist me in creating a mental strategic game plan.”


Underperforming is a common experience in athletes. The pressure to perform when it really matters may provoke emotions that sabotage our best learned skills. We may be technically and physically well prepared, but are we mentally well coached? Sound sport psychology strategies are geared to assist athletes to navigate the emotional components related to a person’s performance. Training in the use of sound mental skill strategies may help us achieve our peak performance during competition.

Dr. Alex Diaz, founder of Sports Mental EdgeTM (SME), has been working with clients for about 20 years by helping them discover their true potential. Sports Mental EdgeTM offers an introductory session where you can discuss your goals and challenges in a nonjudgmental friendly forum. Sessions are available at SME’s office in Westchester County, NY, on Skype, and Goggle Plus. Packages range from three to six sessions.