“I just wanted to thank Dr. Alex Diaz for helping my daughter learn mental strategies that helped her win her class at a horse show. She rode well and was able to use the tools she received in just a few sessions. Thank you so much for your help. ”

North Salen, New York


“The Row New York staff extends a big thank you to Sport Psychologist Alex Diaz from Sports Mental Edge for sharing his strategies for athletes to grow a greater sense of awareness – which helps manage emotions and establishes a mental plan to achieve one’s fullest potential. Thank you Alex for providing our coaches and staff with tangible strategies (mental imagery, breathing techniques, & dismantling negative thoughts) to build our athletes’ focus, performance, and confidence!!”

Row New York Staff and Coaches


“Dr. Diaz has helped me change the way I approach life through golf. I have learned how important it is to have a plan in life but with no expectations. I am more aware of where negative thoughts are coming from and am able to push through and focus on the present. My golf game has improved dramatically and so has my life as a whole.”

Robert T.
Scratch Golfer
Eastchester, NY


“I have worked with Alex for the last 2 years and he has helped me personally develop as a coach and also has helped me with the players in work with. You can always tell someone who is working with Alex as the player will be more focused on court and able to deal with the stresses on and off the court that players have to deal with. I cannot thank him enough for how he assists my players.”

Mike Callaway
Lifetime Fitness Squash Manager
’02 – ’04 US World Junior Team Coach


“Alex’s Sports Psychology lecture to our CitySquash students was very informative, interactive,and fun. It left the students with an understanding of what is needed to become a better player and how to deal with the intensity of the moment and the game. I would wholeheartedly recommend Alex to anyone who is extremely interested in improving the mental side to Squash and other sports.”

Bryan Patterson
Director of Squash


” I really cant thank you enough for everything you helped me with. Today I pitched the second game we won 7-2. I pitched 7inn and had a carreer high in strikeouts with 8. Totally a different pitcher and a person on and off the field. THANK YOU for that!”

D. Karasinski , Concordia College baseball pitcher


“Dr. Diaz has been invaluable to our Men’s Basketball Program. His approach to understanding the mental aspects of competition is one that our players and coaches can truly relate to. Dr. Diaz’ use of technology to show player’s body language and habits in practice has also been eye opening for our program.”

Mr. Brian Sondey, Coach Men’s Basketball team Concordia College


“As a former high level athlete and coach I knew it was time for my teenage son to develop his mental game. Our needs were admirable met by Dr. Alex Diaz. Our son felt more relaxed and in control at time when it would be easiest to lose composure. I can comfortably recommend Dr. Diaz to anyone who would like to change their mental game from being their limiter to accessing their unlimited potential.”

The M. family, Westchester, NY

“Dr. Alex Diaz has helped many of our student athletes; this past season one of my players needed some help. Dr Diaz went above and beyond normal expectations and helped this young lady overcome her issues. Dr Diaz is a great asset to our athletes; we are fortunate to have his expertise.”

Kathy Laoutaris
Associate Director of Athletics – Concordia College, Bronxville, NY
Head Women’s Softball Coach


I highly recommend Dr. Alex Diaz, who was instrumental in regaining my mental toughness back. After being hit on my nose by a line-drive, I struggled greatly; I played with fear. Working on mental strategies with Dr. Diaz really helped me to regain my confidence. I am not afraid to face batters anymore. Now, I can fully trust in my pitching skills. I highly recommend Dr. Diaz to any athlete seeking effective sport mental strategies.

Caitlyn C. – Softball Pitcher- Concordia College, Bronxville, NY


I have been rowing for over three years. A few months ago I was unable to beat my personal record on a 2000 meter test despite putting many hours of work. With this trouble, I visited Dr. Diaz, who helped me to break through my barrier and produce better results, which helped me land a spot at a top university in New York. Dr. Diaz explained that I should never have doubtful thoughts during a test, and no matter how grim the results look, one should always tell oneself that one can still do it. I thank Dr. Diaz for all of his help with my rowing career.

The D. Family. White Plains, New York

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