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Interview with Michelle Maidenberg

Posted by admin on  May 4, 2020

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7 Strategies to Manage Stress during COVID-19 Times

Posted by admin on  May 1, 2020

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We are all dealing with stressful times Stress is a feeling that we all experience on a regular basis. But dealing with Covid-19 can certainly bring a completely different level of stress. After all, we have never been quarantined, experienced the unknown of when we are going back to school, work, or even to a restaurant. While staying home and maintaining social distancing is our best medicine, it does not necessarily mean that we don’t

Podcast Interview

Posted by admin on  November 11, 2019

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Ostrolenk speaks with Doctor Diaz, a Sports Psychology Consultant with a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Diaz focuses on teaching peak performance and mental wellness, primarily to athletes, through an embodied mind and body approach. Under high levels of stress, the human nervous system feed behavioral patterns that disrupt learned skills, resulting in under-performing. Conversely, an integrative mind and body therapeutic approach is designed to manage emotions to alleviate the overwhelmed nervous system. In

“Man up, Djokovic!” Navratilova said

Posted by admin on  June 17, 2019

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Playing the semi-finals at Roland Garros, Novac was annoyed by the weather conditions and kept complaining to the umpire hoping the game would be postponed. In fairness, it was quite windy, but so was for his opponent, Dominic Thiem. Mental distractors are everywhere. Weather conditions, your opponent, field conditions, and coach’s decisions are variables athletes do not have any control over. Complaining about conditions we have no control over only lead to get mentally distracted.

The Game Follows The Mind

Posted by admin on  May 30, 2019

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“The game follows the mind, not the mind follows the game.” Notah Begay III, a golf reporter for the Golf Channel and ex-tour player, made this wise remark in regards to the mental preparation tour golfers work on to stay focused and overcome mental challenges. Bethpage Black is long, tough, and has penalizing roughs. The general consensus was that winning score would be just under par for the PGA Championship. From a defensive mindset, players

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