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Posted by admin on March 16, 2019

Bribing to get a child into college over modeling values

It has come to light that parents have been “buying” their children a spot in the athletic department of top colleges despite not ever having participated in a sport. Around 50 highly influential parents were caught in this scandal. In today’s competitive parenting

A Tom Brady’s lesson

Posted by admin on January 24, 2019

Tom Brady did it again. He is back playing the Super Bowl in two weeks despite a slow start and overcoming many doubters. But, how did he do it?

In an interview, he said phrases that are commonly expressed by many other athletes. He said, “we were down, but not out,” “I can only move forward,” “I like to


Posted by admin on January 19, 2019

The pressure to win can often lead to overriding physical and even emotional signals that eventually lead to burnout. Burnout does not happen because we train hard. It happens because we do not take care of ourselves while training hard. When we set our training bar unrealistically high, when we do not give our bodies the required time to rest, when we do a poor job managing the stressors in and around our lives, then

Mental Health in Sports: Article in WSJ

Posted by admin on November 19, 2018

I read this great article from the WSJ the other day and I wanted to share it with you. WSJ – College Sports’ Newest Need Psychologists

It is quite common that athletes pay attention to whom they will face the next game. A lacrosse or ice-hockey game brings a slightly different mental approach depending on whether the game will be played at home or away field. There is an unspoken and sometimes spoken message that the home team “owns” the gymnasium, stadium, or rink where the game will be played. This sense of “ownership” is aimed at promoting a sense of

Peak Performance from the Inside Out

Posted by admin on July 25, 2018

Trust, confidence, and being in the present moment express the sensations that we experience when we are 100% focused on a task without entertaining mechanical or distracting thoughts in our minds. When we are totally focused, we achieve our goals, become productive, and feel proud for having moved forward. If being totally focused is so positive, what prevents us from being in that positive mindset for longer time? For some people, staying focused seems to

It is quite common seeing very young athletes playing one sport all year around. To a great extent, it is done under the belief that it will expedite the learning process. However, research studies are indicating that focusing on just one sport before the age of 13 years old will most likely create the opposite effect. According to Dr. Kowalski, early specialization is defined as spending more than 8 months out of the year practicing

What? Learn the latest applications of Somatic Experiencing from your fellow SE colleagues. Presenters include: Peter Payne, “The Role of Somatic Practice in SE” Alex Diaz, “SE and the Treatment of Concussions” Jackie Katz, Catherine Hondorp, Cecily Sam Legg, Maureen Quinn, Kristen Chamberlain, “The Hands Informed by SE: A panel discussion with chiropractors, craniosacral and massage therapists” Sage Hayes, “Somatic Practice with Marginalized Communities” Marcy Andrews, “Courting the Reptilian Brain During Childbirth” Mary Guiffra, “Complex

Garbine lost in the second round of the Indian Well Masters against an upcoming American player, Sachia Vickery, who is world ranked #100. After winning her first set 6-2 and being up 3-0 in the second set, she loses 5-7, 1-6. It is common for any top player to have unexpected losses and, often time, these experiences are used to catapult the game a higher notch. It is, however, the second time that Garbine lost

Let the games begin!!! These highly talented and hard-working athletes from around the world will be competing in their own specialties after years of training and making huge personal and financial sacrifices. Some athletes arrive to the games expecting to win medals while the great majority of them compete for the sake of showing their best abilities knowing that their chances of winning a medal are almost

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