A Tom Brady’s lesson

Tom Brady did it again. He is back playing the Super Bowl in two weeks despite a slow start and overcoming many doubters. But, how did he do it?

In an interview, he said phrases that are commonly expressed by many other athletes. He said, “we were down, but not out,” “I can only move forward,” “I like to make improvements,” “I love the grind of it, love to work at it, and love to work hard.”

If there is something that has become a staple in his mental preparation is his positive reframing throughout his career. Despite the many challenges he has faced, he does not take winning for granted. Clearly, this positive attitude greatly contributed to winning more than any other quarterback in history.

We usually find ourselves saying we are going to do something, but not able to follow through with it. Much like making new year’s resolutions. They sound great on January 1st, but when challenges do come up, we procrastinate. We are good at finding reasons, slash excuses, for not following through with our own words.

If we can take just one learning from Tom Brady is his commitment to do what he sets out to do.

We are only at the beginning of 2019. Of the many tasks you have in front of you, divide them into 3 columns: the urgent tasks; the important tasks; the task that eventually be completed. As you complete the urgent task, move an important task into the urgent column while keeping an eye on the tasks that need to be done. By keeping these 3 columns, you will be able to separate all your tasks without your mind having to remember all of them, which usually leads to putting more pressure onto yourself, procrastinating, and feeling deflated.

Organize your tasks by its urgencies and you will be able to accomplish many of your goals.

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