Coaching for Academic Counseling

Achieving your collegiate dreams will be the highest joy in your young life!!! You know it will take hard work and sacrifice, but is balancing the demands of academic achievement leading to having too much pressure? Are expectations, yours and others, get in the way of achieving your best performance?

Personal, professional and research experience have taught me that when a young student is self-motivated, develops grit, mental toughness, and resilience toward meeting his/her goals, he/she will most likely overcome challenges while continue moving forward. Dr. Diaz truly believes that knowing and embracing one’s own passion and developing inner mental skills to achieve your goals lead to a greater sense of confidence, self-esteem and happiness.

For this purpose, we will work on:

· Identifying you own passion

· Setting clear, specific, and challenging goals

· Building emotional resilience, mental toughness, and focus

· Designing effective time management

Coaching for academic success becomes an integrated part of the student’s personality traits towards achieving success in education and life.

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