A Shortcut to Success

– Embrace your true passion;
– Commit to putting in hard and consistent work;
– Be your own boss and take responsibility of your own actions;
– Be realistic;
– Learn from all your experiences.

Maybe you thought that you were going to read the hidden secret on how to reach success by taking shortcuts. The truth is the above mentioned steps are the shortcuts to success. Whether you want to improve your tennis serves, free-throws, putting or be a happier person, the road to success starts with owning your path and embracing it as it comes.

Of course, you will encounter obstacles along the way. There will be plenty of times when you will want to throw the towel. However, I invite you to re-phrase the word “obstacle” and replace it by “learning.” It is true that when things do not go right, if feels terrible; we feel deflated and have barely any energy left to pick ourselves up again. We can choose to fight every setback and blame different circumstances that led to our failing experience. But, take a pause and do some evaluating. Failing to achieve a desired outcome may well be the best gift we could have received. If we are willing to learn from such a difficult experience, we will become wiser the next time around. You will feel more confident and your self-esteem will surely rise.

We all want to walk forward to reach our destination. Some will walk faster than others while others will walk slower. But, the key to reaching your destination is to continue walking forward. So, if you see yourself walking forward while still looking back, then take a pause, set realistic and doable goals, and go for them. Take one step at the time. Make the slightest change or sacrifice that will lead you to what you want to achieve. Maybe it is setting up your alarm 15 minutes before than you usually do. Or, saying “hello” to a person who did you wrong. Work on being your best cheerleader you can be. There will never be in the history of humanity somebody like you. You are a unique individual and, as such, celebrate it and embrace it. You owe it to yourself to achieve your dreams and passion. It is your life you are living.

So, start by putting a smile to your face. Set a reasonable goal and expect a bumpy road ahead of you. It will help you to feel more encouraged for when a new “learning” opportunity comes along the way. Be determined and remain focused on your dreams. It is one step at the time. And, this will be the shortcut to your success.

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