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Key Tips to Coach Females Athletes

Posted by admin on July 24, 2014

Parents often consult me for guidance on the best way to coach their daughter. Very often young female athletes decide to participate in sports because of the implied social interactions. They enjoy participating in the same sport with their friends; however, as their level of competition strengthens, competing becomes more challenging and newer mental demands arise. Many emotional conflicts come up when female athletes are competing with or against their own friends. They find themselves

A squash coach works with a player who gets easily frustrated when his practice session does not go well. The player loses his temper and becomes defiant. The coach dedicates a good portion of the practice session dealing with the player’s behavior resulting in a non-productive practice session. Q. Coach: Are there any techniques I can use to help my player focus on his game, enjoy his successes, and deal with his frustration in a

For the past 19 years of his professional life, Tiger has kept up glued to the tv watching his extraordinary shot making abilities. It was really fascinating to see him hitting and mastering golf shots in any direction he wanted. Not only was he much longer off the tee than his competitors, but his short game was just about unbelievable. It is unfortunate that he has gone through so many physical injuries, but his return

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