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What is mental toughness?

Posted by admin on May 10, 2017

Most athletes would agree that being mentally tough is more than just being focused. It rests on the ability to overcome challenges and see opportunities when the chips are down instead of becoming negative and pessimistic. It rests on being committed to achieving a goal despite the odds and multiple sacrifices that need to be addressed. It resides on having control over our emotions and having the ability to regain focus soon after a mental

Imagine yourself reaching an old age, seated by the fireplace, and taking a moment to look back at your life only to conclude, with little remorse, that you achieved what you set out to accomplish. What do you think it will feel having lived your life with little regrets? When successful people are asked, what prevents people from achieving their best, they point out to fear. Fear

change thinking new mindset

Leadership expert, Brian Moran is quoted saying: “When you focus on changing your actions, you experience incremental performance; when, however, your thinking shifts, everything changes.” It is a challenge to change negative habits. Although we promise ourselves to change and even create new year resolutions, most of those well intended hopes rarely reach a happy ending. Procrastination is the mother nature of unhealthy habits. We feel a sense of anxiety or frustration when facing the

Athletes understand that the pressure of the game eventually leads to having a harder time breathing as the heart pumps faster and the thoughts begin to race. Everything is happening extremely fast. As the pressures continue going up, the breathing becomes shallower and faster. This emotional and physiological response typically leads to feeling fear. It is quite common that we become judgmental and turned into our own worst enemy. This mindset exacerbates internal

Keeping Your Motivation High

Posted by admin on March 1, 2017

What keeps individuals so focused that they become determined to achieve their goals at any cost? There is no one simple answer, but we can take a look at a couple of types of motivations that promote goal achieving: Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic Motivation: individuals are moved by the personal significance and pleasure the action brings in himself. Accomplishing an action equals personal satisfaction and there

Are you ready for when it matters?

Posted by admin on February 8, 2017

We all want to continue improving and achieve higher goals. Whether it is at a corporate level or in athletics, individuals relish the opportunity to assume higher responsibilities or winning the golden trophy. As much as we look forward to those opportunities, are we ready for when the opportunity really comes? More often than not, opportunities to advance come at unexpected moments. The job calls for a professional to take an unexpected vacancy due to

The Patriots did it again!!!

Posted by admin on February 6, 2017

What a formidable Super Bowl LI!!! Not one team has come back 23 points to win a super bowl. Despite all odds, the remained strong and played tough. Congratulations to the Patriots for a great win and fantastic demonstration of tenacity and winning mentality. Why did they win? It was due to the huge difference in the mindset between the Falcons and Patriots. The Falcons played not to lose. Despite having a big point difference,

Why anger leads to loss of focus

Posted by admin on January 18, 2017

Upset tennis player sitting on court on a sunny day[/caption]The pressure to do well often leads athletes to react in anger. They lose their temper, throw golf clubs in the air, or tennis racquet to the ground. It is also manifested by yelling at whoever happens to be near them, whether it is the referee, opponents, or people seating in the stands. When working with athletes that

How to Improve Focus

Posted by admin on January 11, 2017

Athletes say that when they are really focused is when they perform at their best. They claim that their attention is fully paid to what is in front of them while able to push aside distractions that are happening all around them. But, are they really pushing away distractions? And, how is that possible? It is impossible to push aside distractions because the athlete does not control the sources of distractions. Even if the athlete

Distracted by your opponent?

Posted by admin on December 21, 2016

It happens quite often that athletes create a mental expectation based on whom the opponent is. If it is a highly-ranked player, some athletes become psyched out even before the match begins. Interesting enough, the opposite happens when the opponent is a lesser skilled player. There is a believe or over-confidence that the match was already won before the match starts. In either situation, these athletes are showing difficulty managing their own abilities to remain

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