Rio 2016!!! Here we come, ready or not!!!

During the past few days, many countries have already visited the athletic installations and apartment complexes where the athletes will be staying. A great majority of the international inspecting staff has had a very disappointed experience. Just last week, the Australian team did what they called a “stress test,” which meant to open the water from the showers and sink at the same time. To their surprise, the plumbing failed the test.

With only a few days for the Olympics to start, athletes are becoming quite concerned about the present condition of the Olympic venues. It is surely a major distraction at a time when the clock is ticking and there is not time to waste as they get ready to show all their hard work.

At a time when all their physical and technical preparation are behind them, the mental psyche will surely be tested as these unexpected distractions may play a major role while attempting to achieve their true potential.

Distractions are part of any competition. There is not such a thing as experiencing a performance where everything goes exactly as expected. In fact, if distractions are expected to happen, the more likely the athletes will be ready to respond more efficiently.

Regardless of your competitive level or sport you play, include in your practice routines something that will get you distracted. Maybe ask someone to create a distraction and learn to create a coping skill that will help you get your concentration back.

If you get distracted,

1- Recognize that distractions are bound to happen. Come to compete expecting that they WILL happen.

2- When a distraction does take place, bring your attention back to your performance as quickly as possible and stay with your routine.

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