Why Wouldn’t You Use a Sports Routine?

sport routinesIt may sound like a silly question and some of you may be wondering, what is the benefit of using a routine? Top athletes use systematic routines to help them regain focus on the task at hand; hence, if they use them, there must also be beneficial to all level athletes who are considering performing more consistently.

Routines are pre-arranged tasks organized for the purpose of gaining focus. Once used systematically, it helps to push away distracting thoughts and mental disruption to achieve complete readiness. The distraction may be either internal or external. For a golf player, an external distraction may be the pace of play of a playing partner or the thought of having to par the last hole to shoot a good round. For a tennis player, an internal distraction may be the emotion felt after double-faulting his last serve or the pressure to win the next point to break the opponent’s serve.

In either situation, the routine become a strategy that centers on bringing the attention to the present moment to help an athlete fully trust the next shot, hit or play.

Athletes need to pay attention to what personally works for him/her rather than just copying what a top athlete does. Just because Maria Sharapova steps over the line of the tennis court in every changeover, it does not mean that you should start doing it, as well. The goal of a routine is to help you regain focus, not to become overly concerned with the routine itself.

To help you instill a routine, practice it while training. The more you use it, the more likely it will help you to push away distracting thoughts and emotions when you perform.

Use routine to bring focus

1- Use a behavior, such a breathing relaxation or short positive self-talk to regain focus.

2- Be discipline. Always use the same pre-performance routine at the same pace and frequency and your focus will more easily shift to the task you are about to execute.

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