2018 PyeongChang, South Korea Winter Olympic Games

Let the games begin!!!

These highly talented and hard-working athletes from around the world will be competing in their own specialties after years of training and making huge personal and financial sacrifices.

Some athletes arrive to the games expecting to win medals while the great majority of them compete for the sake of showing their best abilities knowing that their chances of winning a medal are almost none.

Nevertheless, their personal history to make it to PyeongChang will ultimately define their final outcome. Perseverance, sacrifice, commitment, and focus will be the common personal trait of all these athletes whom we will have the pleasure to watch.

This is the time for these athletes to put aside any technical or mechanical thoughts as they will interfere with their ability to be at their best. Instead, it is time for them to truly trust in their talents, be positive and enjoy their special moment.
Have fun as these moments are one in a million.



Photo use from WikiCommon

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