Are you ready for when it matters?

We all want to continue improving and achieve higher goals. Whether it is at a corporate level or in athletics, individuals relish the opportunity to assume higher responsibilities or winning the golden trophy.

As much as we look forward to those opportunities, are we ready for when the opportunity really comes?

More often than not, opportunities to advance come at unexpected moments. The job calls for a professional to take an unexpected vacancy due to the resignation of another employee or an athlete suffered an injury and the coach is now in need of a quick replacement.

If we want to be considered to these positions, we must be already mentally prepared. Bosses and coaches choose individuals who are ready to assume those responsibilities even before those positions become available.

To be ready for when the opportunity comes, a sound mental preparation can be pivotal to prepare ourselves. Remaining positive and working on all our strengths and weaknesses can become the difference between getting or missing a promotion opportunity.

Reframing negative thoughts into positive ones help to stay motivated. Knowing that we can only manage the present and not the future it is key to put emphasis on building resilience and an optimistic attitude as it will attract the boss’ or coach’s attention.

A constructive and positive attitude enhances the chances to get the opportunity that you worked very hard for.

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