Rickie Fowler: Moving in the Right Direction

Ricky Fowler is very well liked in the PGA tour. He is friendly, respectful, and talented. He is very generous to use his personal and professional time to support noble causes. Additionally, his easy-going demeanor and active social-media interactions attracts many fans, who loudly cheer for him. Fairly or unfairly, the general buzz portraits him as an underachiever because he has won just a handful of tournaments. Reporters from The Golf Channel shared that his coach, Butch Harmon, gave Rickie an ultimatum: either the social media life style of the Kardashians or becoming a serious golf pro.

I have no knowledge to assert what kind of parenting he received growing up nor am I here to comment on his developmental years. In my experience, I have witnessed many athletes who grow up demonstrating an enormous amount of talent only to throw all away by the wayside. From the time they are juniors, they are highly recognized by parents and coaches to the point that young athletes “buy into” the message that talent rather than effort is rewarded. Coaches constantly praise them at the expense of the rest of the teammates. Parents emphasize their children’s winnings almost always to booster the adults’ ego. Needless to say, talent alone is not the benchmark for athletic success. In fact, in many cases, it has led to underestimate the value of perseverance, training, and mental toughness at the expense of reaching their true potential.

Rickie’s has won way more tournaments than the average tour pro, by far. However, to really demonstrate his true potential, his focus needs to be centered on putting 110% preparation to win tournaments. He needs to zero in on constantly improving his technical, nutritional, physical, and mental training.

As popular as Rickie is, I believe that achieving his true golf potential will increase his social exposure even more. He will obtain a level of recognition that today is eluding him. Once he achieves to be part of the exclusive winners’ circle, many new doors will open to him.

That he continues to be coached by Butch is a very positive sign. It indicates that he has made the decision to reach higher golf professional goals to achieve his true potential.
We are all looking forward to supporting and embracing his path.

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