How to Build Sports Confidence!

Confidence in SportsAll the roads lead to the same outcome. Highly confident athletes are more likely to be successful. Numerous studies have been done to study the traits commonly shared by highly achieving athletes and the common denominator is confidence.

The question is, how do we build confidence? According to Jean Williams, there are four areas we need to pay attention to: interaction of thoughts and performance; cultivation of self-awareness; optimism; reaching for excellence.

It is crucial that we pay very close attention to what we say and think as it will ultimately determine behavior, and as a consequence, the final outcome. Remaining positive and being optimistic that the results will come if only persist are normal trademark of successful athletes.

Awareness is key to determine the outcome of a performance. Feeling pressure is inevitable, but learning how to cope with it will eventually lead to achieve greater success. Being aware of the sensations and thoughts that cross the mind and the immediate consequences following a well-timed positive psychological strategy will teach the athlete to continue learning and improving one step at the time.

The more consistently the athlete embraces challenges with optimism and enthusiasm the greater the chances of achieving success and, as a consequence, confidence.

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