Treat Your Championship Game Like Any Other Game. Really?

In preparation for the upcoming Super Bowl 50, TV commentators asks athletes, coaches, and professionals for their experiences playing championship matches and they all emphasize that, although it is just a game, they cannot completely put aside the emotions that come up when such a pivotal game is on the line.

Any athlete who picked up a sport from a young age, whether it is football, golf, tennis, or any other sport, has at one point or another pretended to be executing the perfect shot, throw, or run that culminated with winning a great event. From an early age, it is the youngster’s dream to be on center stage. They fantasize reaching their goal as well as embracing the exhilarating feeling that comes with achieving their future dream.

To play at the highest level of any sport event, athletes experience emotions that have not felt before. Their heart will beat faster than usual and their eyes will engulf the enormity of the event. The anticipation of competing at an event that for so many years has been in the back of their minds brings a rush of emotions that are very difficult to describe. Its enormity can become so distracting that athletes can easily become carried away from the routine that led them to be there in the first place.

Hence, having a reliable routine, when properly implemented and consistently executed, serves the important goal to help athletes remain as much focused as he/she possible can. Routines help athletes to follow a pre-established set of tasks, behaviors, exercises, meals, and sleeping patterns for the purpose of containing distractions. Having a strong routine keeps athletes focused on what they can manage. While they are well aware of the main event, routines help them to compartmentalize the whole event into manageable tasks.

How to handle big time events:

  • As early in your career as you can, implement a routine plan that mentally, behaviorally, and personally helps you to be in the ideal frame of mind to prepare you to compete at your best.
  • Embrace the big moment because you deserve it. Work diligently to stay with your routine to minimize distractions.

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