Key Tips to Coach Females Athletes

Parents often consult me for guidance on the best way to coach their daughter.

Very often young female athletes decide to participate in sports because of the implied social interactions. They enjoy participating in the same sport with their friends; however, as their level of competition strengthens, competing becomes more challenging and newer mental demands arise.

Many emotional conflicts come up when female athletes are competing with or against their own friends. They find themselves emotionally confused between winning and maintaining their good friendship.

It is important that female athletes clearly understand the difference between being a successfully athlete versus keeping my social network. As such, here are a few tips:

– Help her to be aware of how the confusing roles between winning and social interactions may be limiting reaching her own potential.

– Help her to focus on the mental strength require to grow as an athlete.

– Help her draw a line between what she can and cannot control in her chosen sport. She will benefit the most by putting attention to what she can emotionally and mentally manage during her performance.

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