What’s Wrong with Perfecting Your Golf Swing?

Golf StrokeMany golf players practice very hard to have the perfect swing as if achieving such a goal would guarantee lower scores. Many golf instructors are spending lots of time and effort teaching valuable lessons and tips so golf players can improve their game. It is also great that there are many new gadgets that provide us with a lot of technological information that can guide us to assess our golf improvement. But, it is a totally different objective to wanting to achieve the perfect swing.

Just look at the golf swings of Lee Trevino, Tiger Woods, Greg Norman, Jack Nicklaus, and Arnold Palmer. They all have different swings and they all reached number 1 world ranking during their peak performance.

If you notice that you tend to overdo it or become too mechanical, then it is time to make a shift in your golf learning approach. The more we think about mechanics, the more tension is transmitted to our body muscles; inevitably, the fluidity of the golf swing will eventually break-down and so will your joy for the game.

Instead, practice to visualize where you want the golf ball to land and trust that your entire body will know how to execute the shot. Just imagine the flight of the ball and see it happening. Even if the shot did not come out the way you wanted it, just keep letting go of mechanics and practice playing by visualizing and feeling.

Less mechanics, more feeling!!

1. Visualize the golf ball flying just the way you want it and trust your body muscle know how to do it.

2. If you notice that you become too mechanical or frustrated with the outcome of the last shot, then stay with the mental map to visualize the shot and letting it go.

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