Tiger Woods: The urgent need to get back to basics!!

For the past 19 years of his professional life, Tiger has kept up glued to the tv watching his extraordinary shot making abilities. It was really fascinating to see him hitting and mastering golf shots in any direction he wanted. Not only was he much longer off the tee than his competitors, but his short game was just about unbelievable.

It is unfortunate that he has gone through so many physical injuries, but his return to the 2015 season was announced with so much hyped that the expectation was keeping us at the edge of our seats. Needless to say, his showing at the Waste Management Phoenix Open has left a very bitter sweet experience. He went from having an image of an inhuman golf player to displaying golf shots reminiscing of typical weekend golfers. Thinning and chunking chip shots, miss-hitting from bunkers, and air-mailing lob shots.

One may draw many analyses on his latest golf swing and criticize his new vs. old golf coaches. What is really sad is that the flow of his natural swing has somehow vanished. He used to stand up to the golf ball and just rip it. There were no thoughts in his swing. It was pure magical!! Now, he looks like one of us.

It is true that he is out of competitive golf shape, but what I think he needs is to bring back his old self. Just trust in what he already knows. Remember his old his magical and spontaneous swing process and touch around the greens. Let go of expectations and be yourself.

Easier said than done, just like for any other weekend golf player!

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