Partnership between Westchester Squash Academy and Sports Mental Edge

wsa-photoI’m very happy to report that WSA and SME have reached a partnership agreement to address the mental side in squash. Squash players know, regardless of age or skill level, the game is super-fast, demands high energy and skillful techniques. What it also demands is the appropriate mindset to manage the mental challenges. Players often get distracted when they lose a lead, feel pressured when needing to close a game or match, and develop unhealthy mental habits that often end up overriding their hard training work.

Developing an education around the benefits in the use of sport psychology strategies and implementing effective and researched mental skills can become the “edge” every player looks for. Unless you have the mental skill well practiced, would you risk playing against an opponent who is sport psychologically trained? We invite you to own the mental “edge.”

WSA and SME will be putting together three talks for WSA young squash members starting in January.
Sport Psychology Tips for Squash Players

1- Developing Focus to Win – January 8
2- Establishing Pre-During-Post Match Routines – February 12
3- Incorporating Mindfulness in Your Squash game – March 12

Looking forward to a fun and long business relationship.


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