Organizational Consulting

Interpersonal conflict in the work environment often leads to lower productivity, stress and even greater absenteeism. To a great extent, conflict arises due to the inability to manage people’s differences in their behavioral styles. Each individual has his/her own behavioral pattern, which were learned in their early developmental years. Individuals often tend to impose his/her behavioral patterns onto others hoping change will take place. However, changing somebody else’s behavior pattern often fuels greater conflict.

A more effective approach is one where an individual understands not only his/her behavioral style, but also that of the people’s.” The platinum rule of DISC, a behavioral style profiling, says: “Do unto others the way THEY would like being done unto.” Understanding and adjusting to people’s differences in their behavioral patterns leads to better understanding, less stress, and an improved work interaction.

As a certified DISC PeopleSmart Interpretation Method™ practitioner, Dr. Diaz offers consultation and workshops to address stress management in the organizations.

· DISC behavioral style assessment

· Debriefing DISC report

· Interacting role playing scenarios addressing differences in behavioral styles

Knowing your behavioral style and that of others can make a huge difference in alleviating stress, increasing collaboration, and enhancing teamwork.

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